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Having an innovative idea? Our premium service will solve any challenge your business is facing.

Focusing at Work


The latest technologies at your service


Our service goes from templatized solutions such as Shopify to fully custom solution. We will solve your challenges with the latest technology available today. We use Rails 6 and React 17 frameworks for instance, which are performant and allow a fast development pace. We also use Docker, Redis, PostgresQL and CouchDB among other popular technologies depending on your needs.

Our satisfaction comes from delivering game-changing features, delivering softwares that are robust, easy to use and performant.

Agile Project Management

Understanding your needs by iteration


Most of the time, clients aren't able to express the full scope of their needs which can lead to a discrepancy between expectations and the provided service. We understand that expressing what you want is hard. That is why Agile method is primordial for a successful collaboration. We start any project by a project analysis phase where we breakdown everything that is desired and filter the must-haves. From there, we embrace an iterative approach in the product development. We strongly believe that going through quick feedback loops is the best way to build great products.

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Working hand in hand

Regarding custom web development, pricing will depend on your expectations and the complexity of the project. If your needs are standard, we won't reinvent the wheel and will use existing technology that suits your needs. For custom features that fits your business, we will breakdown all the required specs and make a time-based proposal.

In any case, we will try to find the best solutions based on your budget and your ambitions.


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